Happy Clients

TAPE2BOOK - Markus Lamberts

“Chozy is really an amazing individual! His creativeness and unmatched work ethic is such a pleasure to be around. His love for the craft as well as the actors he is surrounded by, I can see fuels his passion for the industry. I really enjoy working with him and his rates are probably the best in town as far as price. Thank you Chozy for everything and look forward to so much more brother!”

— Markus lamberts


“Highly recommended! Not only would Chozy help you book, but also gives you a clear understanding on how to approach future auditions. Good environment, good equipment, awesome reader, and... BOOKED! Don’t just tape, tape 2 BOOK!”


TAPE2BOOK - Leydi Morales

“Love working with Chozy for my last minute audition tapes! He has a pretty awesome set up and I can really tell how much time and money he invests in his equipment. Plus $30 an hour, yeah, you can’t beat that. Not to mention how fun he makes the experience. Thanks Chozy!!”


TAPE2BOOK - Katherine Daniel

“Chozy is a great reading partner when taping and provides helpful coaching throughout the audition while still making it very fun and enjoyable. He's efficient and makes sure the actor is happy with their work. On top of that, the first audition is free! Definitely recommend Tape2Book!”

— Katherine Daniel

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“Chozy will get you connected. You can feel yourself in the scene with him when you're taping. That's all that matters to me. "


Royal Allen.jpg

“Nice setup, great lighting, convenient location... Awesome Awesome, thanks!”


TAPE2BOOK - Sharon Ford

“I love tape2book. Great set up and very professional. I've done two auditions with them and each time I'm challenged to stretch myself. His prices can't be beat.”


“Chozy is my go-to guy for taping my auditions. He’s experienced in what he does and gives constructive criticism while still letting me play the character how I want in front of the camera. His set up is dope and the prices are better. If you’re reading this you should probably study your lines so you can go get that first free audition.”

— Anabella Barnett