Located in East Atlanta Georgia, TAPE2BOOK is the prime location for audition taping services in Atlanta. Open 7 days a week, we use a Canon EOS Camera and a RODE NTG2 external microphone to offer the highest quality audio and video for taping your audition.

TAPE2BOOK offers budget friendly taping services, as well as professional photography services (head-shots/full-body shots) without breaking the bank. Most studios in town charge an arm and a leg for both services. Since taping auditions and getting head-shots are both crucial to get work, we understand that artists are on a budget and need to save their money.

For taping, not only do you get a high quality taped audition, but you get FREE coaching which is included with every taping. So what are you waiting for? Tape with us to book the job today.



Audition Taping Services


Auditions will make you or break you as an actor. TAPE2BOOK is focused on giving you the highest quality taped audition so you can book the role. Just come prepared and we will do the rest.

Photography Services


Head-shots are very important in showing your unique features. Tape2BOOK offers high quality photography with several colored backdrops options. Whether you are in a need of new head-shots or a full body-shot, we got you covered.

Budget Friendly


We know that actors need to tape auditions constantly but are always on a budget. TAPE2BOOK offers the lowest prices in town, a high quality taped audition, and FREE coaching by one of our best, Chozy Aiyub.


We take the stress out of audition planning.
Just breathe, relax, and be in the moment.


A 5 Stars Service

We love our clients and they are more like family.